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Entry and Booking information
Terms and Conditions

ENTRY FEES - £30 up to Monday 21st June  2021, U16 £25
Start times from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.

We have Paramedics and an ambulance on site.

Veterinary assistance if needed is from Stable Close  who will charge the owner/rider for any call-out.

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Farm Ride Terms and Condtions
By entering the ride, you agree to comply with the terms & conditions below:
1. We strongly advise the wearing of back protectors, but you may ride without one at your own risk. Hats complying with the current safety standards BSI kite marked PAS OIJ, VG1 are compulsory.
2. Horses & ponies must be at least 4 years old
3. Children under 13 or lead reins must be escorted by a responsible adult.
4. Riders must not deviate from the marked course. Please do not ride on crops.
5. Please ride considerately & make every effort to respect slower riders.
6. Any rider behaving in a reckless or dangerous manner will be stopped & eliminated.
7. In the event of cancellation, the entry fee will be refunded less a £5 admin fee.
8. The Organisers decision on any matter shall be final.
9. No horse/pony may be ridden around the course more than once.
10. No walkers, dogs or cyclists allowed.
11. There will be toilet facilities on site.
12. Please bring your own refreshments. There will be an ice cream van on site.
13. There will be no washing facilities for horses.
14. There will not be a vet in attendance, only by call out.
15. There will be a Paramedic in attendance
16. Please ensure you take all droppings & rubbish home with you.
17. The Hursley Hambledon Hunt, the Owners of the property, the organisers, all persons and all
Organisations involved in this ride disclaim all liability for damage to person, horse or
property, that may happen from any cause or circumstance, or for any legal proceedings arising. All participants and other interested parties are responsible for making their own insurance arrangements.

18. COVID precautions. Track & Trace will be in place using the lead name from each group. If you have any reason to think you are unwell or have had contact with someone who is unwell please do not attend the ride. Should you become unwell during or after the ride, please let Catherine Dunford know so we can inform everyone in attendance at the ride. You are not required to wear masks. Please observe social distancing and respect the Covid guidelines & please stay within your groups.


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